FedEx at Gen-E 2022

Main Partner

With our involvement in Junior Achievement we aim to put ‘Access’ front of mind for young entrepreneurs in Europe. Through their participation in entrepreneurship programs across Europe they are equipped with skills to get a job or start a business. FedEx volunteers serve as mentors of the mini or student companies and judges in the competitions, locally and on a European level – the GEN-E competition.

JA Europe Podcast with FedEx – Access to Markets

In this episode of JA Europe Podcast, we will see how, in an interconnected world, access to markets is key and we want to discuss what it means for small and medium-sized companies in Europe.

FedEx Access Award

The FedEx Access Award both at national and European levels puts emphasis on the importance of “global access” in a more than ever interconnected world. We aim to empower the next generation of Europe’s entrepreneurs to embrace global opportunities and to seek partners and customers beyond the national borders.

Winners of the Award need to tick 4 boxes to demonstrate they are:

1. Driven by innovation
Fresh, original ideas are more important than ever in today’s global, knowledge-based economy. Has your company shown it can TRANSLATE IDEAS OR INVENTIONS into a good or service that creates value — and that customers will pay for?

2. Connecting to new markets
Some companies have barriers when they are building a global supply chain or trying to export their products. Is your business OPERATING ACROSS BORDERS, whether reaching out to a nearby town or around the world for sourcing or distribution?

3. Fuelling community development
Small businesses are drivers for job growth and economic development, increasing wealth and prosperity. How did your company CREATE JOBS and ECONOMIC GROWTH in your community or other communities?

4. Sustainability and social responsibility
The ability to address environmental and social impacts is essential in today’s business climate.
How is your company MEASURING ITS IMPACT — and striving to GIVE BACK?

Helena Jansson

Senior Vice President, Finance International
FedEx Express

Taner Karacan

Vice President Customer Experience Ops.
FedEx Express Europe

Jérôme Ovion

VP Road Network Operations
FedEx Express Europe

Mariusz Mik

Vice President Operations Eastern Europe
FedEx Express