EBS at the Gen-E 2022

Founded in 1988, EBS is the oldest privately owned business university in the Baltics. EBS’s goal is to provide enterprising people with academic knowledge, skills and values for its successful implementation. EBS offers degrees at Bachelor’s, Master’s as well as Doctoral levels. In 2011, EBS was the first Estonian university to establish its subsidiary in Finland.

If you dream of establishing an international company, the innovative English language study programme ‘Entrepreneurship in the Digital Era’ is perfect for you! Learning takes place in a teamwork format and you will have the help of experienced entrepreneurs, mentors and coaches. To overcome realistic business obstacles, you will learn to combine knowledge from many areas of life and find creative solutions. Learn more about EBS Bachelor’s programmes here: https://ebs.ee/en/bachelors-studies

EBS has an honor to support young entrepreneurs and therefore has put out full scholarships for the first year of studies for the best student companies!